Who Are We?

Headquartered in Prince William County Virginia, USA - Timberwolf Virtual Services, LLC was founded in 2013 with a goal of providing top-quality consulting services to small and medium sized businesses.

TVS is a small, discreet cyber-security firm that places emphasis on client confidentiality & effective custodianship of business proprietary information & data. We address immediate, complex technical needs with advanced, effective IT solutions that are affordable.

Please contact us to set up a consultation & discover whether our services & solutions are a fit for you.


Our Services

Timberwolf Virtual Services, LLC provides advanced IT solutions for demanding clients with rapidly evolving business & technical needs. Our firm specializes in:

  • Internet Application Testing & Vulnerability Assessment: From small mobile applets to large enterprise software products, TVS engineers will examine your application for security & integrity, to a high-standard.

  • Software Code Inspection & Vulnerability Assessment: TVS can inspect, assess & report on the security of your proprietary source-code, or proprietary product application data.

  • Information & Network Security Remediation: Working with our clients' log, audit & incident data - TVS engineers can assist clients with designing & implementing remediation plans that help to prevent future compromises, data loss, service interruption or degradation of reputation.

  • ISO/IEC 2700[0-1] Accreditation & Compliance: TVS is effective at assisting our clients with external & internal auditing & controls to achieve compliance, utilizing best practices.

  • Custom Solutions For Small Business: Custom technical solutions for our clients can be developed based on their specific requirements. This is often helpful for small businesses & start-ups who don't fit typical paradigms.

  • Security Awareness Training: In the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA, TVS can custom-design a security-awareness training program that is tailored to your executive staff or high-profile employees. This includes training to address data encryption, IT asset protection during travel, social engineering, and account/authentication protections.

  • Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment: In concert with our trusted partners, TVS can assist you with your external & internal testing needs.

Our Rates

Timberwolf Virtual Services, LLC has flexible rates that are either hourly or based on a flat fee. Hourly rates are calculated by our staff in 10-minute increments. Required travel, lodging, equipment, supporting services & other expenses are calculated separately. Expenses in support of contracts are kept to a minimum and are incurred only when logical.

Repeat customers enjoy a discounted rate. We also offer discounts for clients who put our firm on retainer or establish SLAs (Service Level Agreements.)


Highly Adaptable & Customized Solutions

Our small start-up is lean & flexible. We can work with you to truly develop a technical solution that meets all your needs without giving you extra services you do not.

Although we serve clients of all sizes, we are a small start-up, & we support small businesses in the spirit of Entrepreneurship. In this spirit we also take on small projects & small business clients that may have a hard time finding common ground with larger solution providers.


Moon S. Choe, CEO

Mr. Choe is a former United States Marine & spent 20 years in service of the U.S. State Department as well as the commercial internet backbone sector. He has an extensive background in computer network security, managing information technology organizations & personnel.


Julian D. Russell, Founder/CTO

Mr. Russell has an IT career that spans 15 years, with tours supporting the U.S. Congress, NRO, NGA, and the IC. He has extensive expertise in information & network security, including vulnerability assessment & risk management.


Subject Matter Experts

We apply nearly two decades of collective experience as experts in the fields of Cyber Security, Vulnerability Assessment & Risk Management. We always think outside of the box & our clients expect it.

We carefully vet our analysts & engineers to ensure they have the highest quality expertise & technical backgrounds necessary to meet our obligations to our clients. Our highly-skilled engineers and analysts are well educated, well versed & often have backgrounds in the IC and Federal Government - including specializations in Information & Network Security, Secure Programming, Risk Management & Accreditation.


Thank you for visiting us. I'm positive we can find a superior technical solution no matter what your requirement.

— Moon S. Choe, CEO